Coffee is a journey…

Our courses are dedicated to spread the culture of quality coffee and are an important opportunity for growth and work; easily accessible and at low cost, thanks to the cooperation with Espresso Academy and the possibility of doing them directly in our roasting. The courses deal with every sector of the wonderful world of coffee: from the knowledge of the green beans to the roasting process, from the knowledge related to basic coffee to Latte Art and advanced coffee, from professional tasting to brewing.

Each course gives the possibility to access the exams necessary to achieve the SCA Foundation, Intermediate and Professional, Italian Barista Method and Latte Art Granding System certifications.
Corsi Sca Accademia Castorino

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corso barista e caffetteriaThe two-day course is aimed at those who want to approach the profession of barista with all the necessary skills and abilities. It takes place with a first theoretical part that ranges from knowledge of the coffee plant and a brief history of coffee up to the knowledge of the blend, its grinding, the choice of the right machine, passing through the perfect frothing of the milk; notes on roasting and blending with a visit to the roasting and packaging plant. The theoretical part is followed on both days by the practical part to learn how to extract a perfect espresso.

The course is internationally recognized by the Italian Barista Method system and is valid for the SCA Barista Skills Foundation exam; with subsequent courses you can access the SCA Barista Skills Intermediate and Professional.

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Basic Barista Course / Barista Skills SCA
Advanced Barista Course / Barista Skills SCA

corso brewing torrefazione castorino salernoCoffee Brewing Foundation, Intermediate and Professional courses.
These courses are aimed at those who want to deepen their skills by learning new methods of coffee extraction, in particular specialty coffees.
A complete course that provides the theoretical and practical skills for filter extraction, percolation and infusion techniques; from the basic concepts of strength and extraction to the techniques of use of V60, Chemex and cold brew systems.

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Coffee Brewing Course / Brewing SCA

Corso latte art torrefazione castorinoThe course for those who want to learn the basic rules of latte art and practically learn how to make the basic figures on which to build, with experience, more complex shapes. It starts by examining the various kinds of milk, their differences in whipping, the right milk jugs and continues with the practice, learning to make the shape of the heart and the leaf. As you level up we add more complex figures such as the dragon, the bear and various tulip shapes.

The course is internationally recognized by the Italian Barista Method system. The course is preparatory to the Latte Art Grading system certifications.

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Latte Art Course

Corso caffè verde torrefazione castorinoThe course, divided into three levels: basic, Intermediate SCA and SCA Professional  – aims to provide solid theoretical and practical skills on coffee to know, evaluate, process and market it.
The course deals with various topics: from the division into species and varieties, to the classification of defects, from the measurement of humidity and density, to the market dynamics and prices.

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Green Coffee Course / SCA

corso sensory sca a salerno

The three levels of the course: SCA sensory foundation; SCA intermediate; SCA professional. It aims to train the skills of recognition, analysis, comparison and description of the organoleptic characteristics of coffee.

The ultimate goal is to provide the necessary skills to become a professional taster, capable of selecting coffees from various markets but, above all, to convey the love for coffee, bringing out the tasting skills of each one, getting passionate about this ever-changing world-

To find out more and to book your course:
Coffee sensory and cupping course / Sensory SCA

Passionate and qualified trainers

AST Michele Cantarella

Michele Cantarella

Graduated at the School of Hospitality in Catering services technician, with a lot of passion for coffee for over seven years, he has managed a coffee shop; he is a consultant and trainer in the coffee sector and is an Authorized Trainer of the Specialty Coffee Association for the introduction modules to coffee, Bartender and Brewing.


Ig: cantarella_michele

trainer maria martina castorinoMaria Martina Castorino

Just graduated in Economics and Management, she decided to devote herself to her passions: coffee and its communication. She has been collaborating for years in the family business, which has reached its 3rd generation with her, taking care of quality control and coaching in the start-up phase for franchised coffee shops.
She is a trainer for the sensory skill courses, she has completed the pre-course for these SCA modules in the Espresso Academy and now collaborates in the transmission of the coffee culture with all the love and enthusiasm that distinguish it.

Fb: marii.castorino

How to reach us

The Castorino Academy is perfect for those looking for a course related to the world of coffee and resident in Campania, Basilicata or Calabria since our roasting factory is easily accessible both by train and by car.
Arriving by train we are about four kilometers from the railway station; Once off the train, just take a bus of line 10 to Mercato San Severino to be in front of our office in a few minutes.
Arriving by car we are two kilometers from the Salerno junction of the E45 and it is possible to park on site.