Altura Messico

Soft and chocolaty with scents of honey

An exceptional Arabica cultivated in the region of Pico de Horizaba, the highest volcano in the country on the borders of Pueblo and Veracruz; one of the two areas which provide the best Arabica in Mexico. This magnificent coffee has nice body and sweet and spicy flavor.

Coffee species: Arabica
Origin: Pico de Orizaba, Mexico
Altitude: between 1200 – 1400 m
Cultivation: on volcanic soil
Harvest: stripping
Processing: washed coffee
Roasting: medium
Characteristics in the cup: the soft, chocolaty and spicy flavor, together with the aroma of honey and spices make it a sweet and enveloping coffee, with an excellent aftertaste and a good body

Average amount of caffeine 1,15%

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sensory analysis altura messico coffee
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