Biologica organic blend

Full and spicy taste in which notes of caramel and chocolate stand out

The coffee beans used in the composition of our organic blends grow among the volcanos that run along the Northwestern coast of the island of Sumatra, on the volcanic lands of the Cajamarca region and Jean of Peru and among the lush vegetation of the Flores Island. Picked and processed by hand in small plantations, selected carefully, these beans are transformed with an eco-friendly clean air roasting process using our modern solar-powered system. Fabulous tasting coffee appropriate for any time of day.

Coffee species: Arabica coffee selection
Origin: Aceh (Sumatra, Indonesia), Jean / Cajamarca (Perù), Flores Island (Indonesia)
Harvesting: hand picked
Processing: semi-washed and washed coffees
Roasting: medium
Characteristics in the cup: spicy taste with hints of caramel, chocolate and persistent aroma with notes of fresh walnut

Average amount of caffeine 1,3%

Sensory Analysis:

Ideal for:

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