Brasile Fazenda “Cerro Alto” premium Coffee

Intense and sweet from the flavor of dark chocolate and ripe fruit

This this special Arabica coffee is grown in small certified plantations in the Cerrado Mineiro region, in the northeast of the State of Minas Gerais, particularly renowned for the high quality of the coffee.
The temperature, the low rainfall during the harvesting period and the ideal altitude are some of the factors that make it particularly appreciated by coffee aficionados.

Coffee species: Arabica Catuaí vermelho IAC
Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Altitude: 1100 m
Cultivation: in small certified plantations
Harvest: stripping
Processing: natural coffee
Roasting: medium
Characteristics in the cup: very sweet and intense. The flavor is characterized by the notes of dark chocolate and peanuts. It’s aroma is also intense with scents of cocoa and hazelnut

Average amount of caffeine 1,15%

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disegni caffettiere

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