Sweet and spicy with an intense aroma.
Water decaffeination process for great tasting, chemical-free
Decaffeinato is our decaffeinated coffee. This blend comes from a selection of finest Central American Arabica coffees beans, among which is certainly noteworthy a coffee grown organically by small farmer in northern Peru which, for its characteristics of aroma, taste and body has obtained an SCA score such as definitely define it as a Specialty Coffee.
All the coffees that make up the blend are decaffeinated with water using the process called Swiss Water Process; thanks to this method, the green coffee beans retain all their original components unaltered, giving us a coffee with a rich and persistent taste in the cup, very similar to normal premium coffees.
Decaffeinated is a real coffee but caffeine free, surprising and extraordinary.

Coffee species: selection of arabica coffee
Origin: Cajamarca and Juan (peru), Sierra Madre de Chiapas (Mexico), Honduras, Africa, India
Harvesting: hand picked
Processing: washed coffees
Roasting: medium
Characteristics in the cup: A full bodied coffee, sweet and spicy, with a persistent, intense aroma and a scent of tobacco.

Caffeine not exceeding 0,10%

Sensory Analysis:

Ideal for:

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