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Why choose us:

Our story starts in 1946 in a small coffee roasting factory in the center of the city where the fragrances and aromas of the coffee were concentrated and where, in a small cup, we created a small miracle of harmony, balance, and flavor.
Today the roasting factory has grown, but our values have not changed and along with the passion and care with which we produce our coffee, we continue to unite the constant search for quality with service.

The quality and broad range of products
In the cafe and  “Amore espresso” store a customer can sample and purchase highest quality blends and unique single-source coffees, unique in all the world,  in beans, fresh ground, single serve pods or capsules. Every type is available in diverse brewing formats in order to satisfy every possible client request.
The tasting voyage is completed with a vast range of organic infusions, chocolate, and cookie products produced by regional artisans using only natural ingredients and typical of our region such as Giffoni hazelnuts, Sorrento oranges, and Amalfi Coast lemons.

The concept that makes the difference
The “Amore Espresso” coffee boutiques are a space between memory and innovation; a warm and comfortable atmosphere where the customer embarks on a pleasant voyage in the world of coffee. Our franchising proposal will permit you to offer your clients an experience to sample and purchase products different from your competitors.

The formation and assistance in starting
Expert trainers will form and assist in the initial phases, both in the knowledge and preparation of coffee as well as sales and management of the locale.

What we offer:

 - Design, planning and direction of work stages
 - Preparation and set-up
 - Initial furnishing of all products
 - Professional Coffee machines
 - Equipment for the sale of whole beans and ground coffee
 - Management software and hardware
 - Signs
 - Guidance and support in the start-up  and initial phase
 - Initial publicity launch

What we require:
Your passion and initiative are fundamental and the availability of a locale approx. 60 sq. meters in an urban area with a high level of foot traffic

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