For our blends we use the best qualities of African, Asian, and South American coffees. Each has its own particular structure and characteristic notes that, thanks to 70 years of experience, we have learned to highlight and blend in order to ensure a consistently balanced and harmonious tasting coffee in your cup. 
We have developed 5 different blends of pre-ground coffee, in cans or pods, for those who wish to enjoy tasting exceptionally good coffee at home, rediscovering the pleasure of slowing down, or for those wishing to have always for themselves or clients an Italian Espresso as good as that found in café bars.


1946 forte

 1946 FORTE

30% arabica

Highly sought after varieties of Indian and Indonesian Robusta with aromatic Brazilian Arabica offer an espresso with excellent crema and a decidedly sharp flavor...

Average amount of caffeine 2,0%





70% arabica

Aromatic and fruity African and Brazilian Arabicas blended with precious varieties of Robusta in order to savor a coffee filled with flavor and intense aroma with a hint of chocolate...

Average amount of caffeine 1,8%



gold arabica



100% arabica

The harmony between the aromatic and sweet Ethiopian coffee, and the other precious Central American and Brazilian Arabica gives us a cup with an intense aroma of floral essences and full, rich flavor...

Average amount of caffeine 1,3%





80% arabica

Pregiati caffè arabica centroamericani e robusta indiani decaffeinati senza l’ausilio di prodotti chimici. Un vero caffè anche senza caffeina, dall’aroma intenso e dal gusto ricco...

Caffeine not exceeding 0,10%




100% arabica

Ottimi arabica coltivati con metodo biologico e tostati in  maniera ecologica, per chi ama un caffè dal gusto speziato e  dal sentore di caramello cicoccolattato...

Average amount of caffeine 1,3%

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