70% arabica

Provenienze classicaanalisi classica

The pleasure of classic Italian espresso at home!

Classica is realized by knowledgeably blending Brazilian Arabica for its intense sweet and fruity aroma with African Arabica coming from the region of Kwapa, a thin strip of land on the borders of Kenya where the coffee grows in the shade of tropical trees such as banana, and produced in very small quantities despite being highly appreciated and sought after. The beans, harvested exclusively by hand, are very low in acidity and carry a fruity aroma. To give better body to the blend, we have added African and Indian Robusta and precious beans from the volcanic island of Flores characterized by the sweetness and fragrance of cacao. 
The result is a blend that rewards in your cup with an intense aroma and scent of chocolate appropriate for any moment of the day.

Average amount of caffeine 1,8%

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