Nepal Mount Everest Supreme


Provenienza nepalanalisi nepal


Probably one of the best coffees in the world

From the realm of the snows comes something new and extraordinary!The only coffee in the world cultivated north of the Tropic of Cancer. In a small plantation in the district of Nuwakot, at the foot of the Ganesh Himal mountain range and irrigated by the waters of the Trisuli river, we’ve discovered one of the most sought after Arabicas, planted only recently in one of the only regions at this latitude sheltered from the frost, the coffee, fertilized with natural buffalo fertilizer, harvested from November to January, dried exclusively by the sun and exported directly by plane from Kathmandu. The sense impressions in this espresso are impressive as much as they are unexpected. The magnificent consistency and singular structure is fused with precious scents of cacao and candied oranges, and resolves in a finish with a particularly persistent note of ginger.

Average amount of caffeine 1,15%

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