Etiopia Sidamo Specialty Coffee

Ample aroma of dried fruit and chocolate with a good aftertaste and a pleasant hints of yellow fruits and caramel

This extraordinary coffee grows spontaneously in the shade of other garden trees, in a natural and largely untouched environment. Local families harvest ripe cherries by hand, then dip them in water to eliminate those that float, too unripe or defective.
the washed coffee beans are slowly dried on the “African beds” and then sold to the merchants who load them on the backs of the donkeys.

Coffee Species: Arabica Heirloom
Origin: Sidamo, Ethiopia
Altitude: da 1900 / 2000 m
Cultivation: spontaneous growth
Raccolta: a mano
Harvesting: hand picked
Processing: washed coffee
Roast: medium
Characteristics in the cup: a sweet coffee with an intense taste and a good body. The aroma is delicate with notes of lime and jasmine.

Average amount of caffeine 1,15 %

Sensory analysis:

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