Honduras Catuai Premium Coffee

Full-bodied, round and tending to sweet, with a persistent aftertaste and aroma of chocolate, dried fruit and caramel

The beans for this special coffee come from the plantation of a small company founded by a woman: Irma Angelica Landaverde; the small Finca, surrounded by mountains and woods, manages to ensure a stable job for all members of its family and one employee.
The coffee blossoms from April to May, while the cherries begin to ripen in December.
After harvesting, the cherries are “pulped” and left to ferment for about 14 hours, finally the beans are dried in the sun. The coffee obtained is full-bodied and round.

Coffee species: Arabica Catuai
Origin: Corquin, Copan, Honduras
Altitude: higher than 1450 m
Cultivation: in the shade
Harvest: hand picked
Processing: washed coffee
Roasting: medium
Characteristics in the cup: full-bodied with a singular and pleasant acidity. The flavor tends towards sweet liqueur, with hints of chocolate, caramel and dried fruit; at the end a slight note of licorice is perceived. Excellent and persistent aftertaste.

Average amount of caffeine 1,15%

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