Super offer – 150 compostable Nespresso* 1946 Forte capsules


The new compostable capsules, the sustainable choice without sacrificing taste


Super discounted price for Nespresso compostable capsules

Blend: 1946 Forte
30% Arabica – 70% Robusta

The rich aroma of Brazilian arabicas and the full body of the beans from the small island of Flores and the Ivory Coast come together in a cup with an intense and engaging aroma and a strong taste.

Roast: medium

1 pack of 150 compostable Nespresso* capsules

Compostability: OK COMPOST certified biodegradable and compostable capsules made with bio-materials made up of at least 98% renewable raw materials. 4 star bio-based certified.

* The brand is not owned by Caffè Castorino or by companies connected to it.


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