Biologica – box of 12 E.S.E. COMPOSTABLE PODS


E.S.E. pods in 100% compostable certified pure cellulose paper


Biologica in compostable pods is our organic coffee blend

The fine coffees that make up this organic blend come from small, carefully selected plantations in the north-western area of ​​the island of Sumatra, the regions of Cajamarca and Jaen in Peru and the island of Flores with its lush vegetation.
These beans, harvested and processed by hand, are transformed by us with ecological clean air roasting and with the help of the sun captured by our modern photovoltaic system. The result in the cup is a coffee with a spicy and persistent aroma.

12 E.S.E compostable pods of 7.5 gr made in a protective atmosphere and enclosed in single-dose sachets.


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