Super offer – NESPRESSO aluminium capsules Gold Arabica

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Our coffee capsules are chosen by chef Vincenzo Santangelo for the hospitality of important teams during the Formula 1 and Moto GP races.
Since 2018 Caffè Castorino has been the protagonist of the breakfasts and breaks of the great champions of two of the most loved and followed motorsport competitions



Nespresso aluminium capsules Gold Arabica at the launch price for the new box of 50

Blend: Gold Arabica

100% arabica

Gold Arabica is our blend of fine arabica varieties, born as a tribute to Ethiopia, the land that gave rise to arabica coffee among its lush plateaus. The perfect harmony between the aromatic and sweet Ethiopian coffee and the other fine arabicas from Africa, Central and South America allows us to find a fairytale coffee in the cup to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Roast: medium

1 pack of 50 Nespresso* aluminum capsules**

* The brand is not owned by Caffè Castorino or by companies connected to it.

** The aluminum capsules protect the coffee from the action of oxygen and humidity, allowing the aroma of the coffee to be preserved unaltered.
Aluminum is the third element in nature, therefore widely available, and is 100% recyclable; these characteristics allow enormous savings from an energy and environmental point of view.


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