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The goodness of our coffees

The coffee we offer you is the fruit of a discerning and meticulous labor that we follow step by step making quality our passion.
In a cup of our coffee one can find an unparalleled aroma and taste, product of over seventy years of history, the respect for tradition and continuous research… In sum, one can find all our love for coffee

The selection

The research for quality starts at the moment we select the raw coffee that will go into the composition of our blends, a process never taken for granted because, as in any agricultural product, the quality is not always the same. Every year thanks also to the relationships of trust that have been built over the years with our suppliers, we attentively select the green coffees and conserve them in dedicated silos while they await the most important phase of the work: the roasting.

The Roasting

In this phase the coffee develops all the substances that give the aroma and taste to all our blends and single source coffees. For this reason we affect an unhurried roasting process having developed different roasting cycles for each type of coffee in a manner that brings out their individual organoleptic characteristics.
To ensure the purity and the homogenous cooking of the beans we use a technologically advanced system based on a clean-air technology process that guarantees the complete and total absence of contact between combustion residues and the coffee beans.
Moreover, we also make use of a modern climate control system that allows us to control the temperature and humidity in the production areas and ensures a constant and optimal atmosphere.

Care for the environment

We seek to make our contribution to the guardianship of the environment with many sound practices in all phases of our operation. For the production process we also employ ‘the help of the sun’ with our solar panel installation that guarantees, at full operating capacity, 30,000 kilowatt hours a year avoiding as much as 375 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The aroma intense and rich as if freshly ground

From tins to pods, all our coffees are packed in a protective atmosphere to preserve intact the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee.