Coffee isn’t always the same

“Many years ago in Ethiopia, during a coffee ceremony we tasted their black drink and found that coffee isn’t always the same. Coffee is an unexpected and surprising journey to discover new flavors and aromas.
Since then we’ve been trying to communicate our passion with enthusiasm and dedication, also through the Caffè Castorino Training School in partnership with the Espresso Academy in Florence, with the aim of spreading the culture of coffee.”
Ignazio e Francesca

The training school

for professionals and coffee lovers

scuola di formazione Caffè Castorino

Our courses, held in partnership with Espresso Academy are aimed at professionals but also at enthusiasts and coffee lovers.

All courses are recognized international thanks to the collaboration of trainers authorized by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

Thanks to the collaboration with qualified teachers you will discover the fascinating and ever-changing world of coffee. We’ll take you on the training path with theoretical and practical lessons, retracing the journey from the berry to the cup.
You will learn how to pull a perfect espresso, how to extract a state-of-the-art filter coffee with the various brewing methods and how to froth milk for cappuccinos like great artists…

We hold on-site courses monthly but it is possible to organize specific courses according to your needs.
Our purpose is to spread the culture of quality coffee in the best way possible, which is why we also organize itinerant courses at your businesses or professional insitutes.

SCA courses in Salerno

Logo SCA specialty coffee association

SCA is the trade association that promotes the excellence of coffee throughout the world through research, innovation and training. For decades it has been certifying the skills and abilities of professionals and companies operating in the world of coffee with exams of various levels.
SCA diplomas and certifications are hold in great regards because the association represents an authority, globally recognized.
SCA authorized trainers will prepare you to take the SCA exams, preparatory to the most advanced certifications to acquire the necessary tools to grow and develop your professional skills or your companies.

Espresso Academy Firenze

Logo espresso academy firenze

Espresso Academy is one of the most renowned Italian schools in Italy for what concerns the training in the world of coffee and cafeteria. The main office is in Florence but has developed collaborations with important coffee companies to spread the culture of coffee with a practical and innovative approach. His courses are appreciated by students from all over the world, in fact there are many partnerships even with foreign schools. We are particularly happy with the partnership with this precious reality.