Guided tour of Castorino coffee roastery with espresso tasting

For those who love coffee and want to know more

The roastery tour is the first step to approach the incredible world of coffee and to learn its secrets; you will visit the roastery accompanied by a coffee trainer who will be able to satisfy all your curiosity.
We will start with an introduction to green coffee, retracing the entire journey from plantation to roasting. You will discover all the stages of processing and you will have the opportunity to test yourself with the activities of a true coffee expert.

The visit can be done in groups and is suitable for all ages.

Discovering the incredible world of coffee

Introduction about coffeeIntroduction to coffee: from the plantation to the cup, by the coffee trainer Maria Martina Castorino

The perfect espresso extraction

perfect espressoThe coffee trainer Maria Martina Castorino will explain to you how to get the perfect espresso.
Then, will be your turn to try and enjoy it!

tasting time

tasting of espresso and local productsProfessional espresso tasting.

Sweet break with local products.

From roasting to packaging

Tour of the RoasteryThe immersive tour inside the roastery, learning about the different phases of the production process.

Not only espresso

There are different coffee extraction techniques. Together with us, you’ll learn how to extract a filter coffee and you’ll taste a specialty coffee!

Grind and go!

house homageEach journey ends with a memory, the coffee one too!
You’ll grind your coffee, following our advice, and you’ll take it home with you.

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