Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty – Arabica Coffee Beans


A fabulous specialty coffee with a taste rich of nuances and a complex aroma with notes of milk chocolate, yellow fruits, hazelnut, marzipan, almond and vanilla.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Specialty coffee beans

The extraordinary taste of this arabica coffee depends on a set of factors: the altitude, the volcanic soil, particularly rich nutrient, and the slow ripening of the cherries. The dense blanket of fog that constantly envelops the Blue Mountains and the low rainfall make the coffee take more than ten months before being ready for harvest, giving us beans larger than usual, with a sweet taste and extraordinarily rich in nuances.

Average amount of caffeine 1,15%

Roasted single-origin coffee beans packaged in Doypack with valve and hermetic zip closure to safeguard the aroma.

Pack of 200 grams.


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