Etiopia Sidamo Specialty – Arabica coffee beans


un caffè dolce, dal gusto intenso con un buon corpo. L’aroma è ampio e delicato con note di frutta secca, cioccolato, lime e gelsomino.


Etiopia Sidamo Specialty is an extraordinary coffee grows spontaneously in the shade of other garden trees, in a natural and largely untouched environment. Local families harvest ripe cherries by hand, then dip them in water to eliminate those that float, too unripe or defective.
The washed coffee beans are slowly dried on the “African beds” and then sold to the merchants who load them on the backs of the donkeys.

Average amount of caffeine 1,15 %

Roasted single-origin coffee beans packaged in Doypack with valve and hermetic zip closure to safeguard the aroma.

Pack of 200 grams


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