Grand Prix Coffee

since 2018, when we were chosen by chef Vincenzo Santangelo, we have been suppliers of Ji Catering for hospitality during Formula1 and Moto GP events.
We are very proud to be present on circuits all over the world and to be protagonists of the coffee breaks of paddock guests and champions loved by all.

Hazelnut Coffee

A Curiosity That Concerns Us

caffè alla nocciolaHazelnut coffee is one of the most well-known alternatives to traditional espresso in Italy. Many cafes, for about forty years now, have been offering their own version of this indulgent coffee, with a velvety texture that, when done properly, has the comforting power of a cuddle. However, not everyone knows that it comes from the province of Salerno, from a blend by Caffè Castorino. The first café to serve it in the 1990s was Bar Pompei in Pagani, which has always exclusively used our blends in beans. The recipe of Bar Pompei remains a secret, but here’s a recipe for an excellent hazelnut coffee to make at home, elaborated for our Amore Espresso coffee shops by the SCA coffee trainer Michele Cantarella.


1 Gold Arabica espresso pod or capsule,  2 teaspoons of pure hazelnut cream, whipped cream, hazelnut crumbles, ground cinnamon, sugar to taste

Pour the hazelnut cream into the bottom of a narrow glass or espresso cup, add the freshly brewed espresso and sugar, then top it off with whipped cream, hazelnut crumbles, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Enjoy it!

For the perfect success of the drink are essential a good quality hazelnut cream, preferably without added fats and sugars, and good coffee, aromatic and not very bitter. We recommend a Gold Arabica espresso, our 100% Arabica medium roast blend, or Decaffeinato if you wish to consume coffee in the evening hours.

Explore Our Coffee

1946 Forte

Miscela 1946 ForteFull-bodied with a strong taste and intense aroma

Medium Roast
A blend made up of Arabica and Robusta precious coffee beans varieties coming from Africa, Indonesia and Brazil; this happy mix offers you a creamy espresso, with an unmistakable sweet smell. When you have a cup of it you enjoy a strong and dense coffee. A well-balanced aroma and, a pleasant and lasting aftertaste never fail to astonish your palate!

Coffee species: 30% Arabica, 70% Robusta
Characteristics in the cup: full bodied with distinct and persistent flavor, having a dense crema and hazelnut color.

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Miscela ClassicaRound with a rich aroma and hints of chocolate
Medium Roast
A blend of the finest coffee beans from Central and Southern America, Africa, and Indonesia. The intense chocolaty taste of Brazilian Arabica is perfect with the clean body of African Robusta matched with the sweet scent of Indonesian Robusta. The deep aroma and the full and complete taste of this coffee offers you the pleasure of classic Italian espresso at home!

Coffee species: 70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
Characteristics in the cup: full-bodied and well-balanced, with intense aroma and unmistakable notes of chocolate.

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Gold Arabica

miscela Gold ArabicaEnveloping aroma of floral essences and spices with notes of toast and vanilla
Medium Roast
Gold Arabica is our blend of the most precious varieties of Arabica coffee. Born as an homage to Ethiopia, the land from which Arabica coffee originated among its luxuriant highlands. The perfect harmony among the sweet Ethiopian and other prized Arabica from Central America and Asia makes it possible for us to find in our cup a fabulous tasting coffee appropriate for any time of day.

Coffee species: 100% Arabica
Characteristics in the cup: syrupy and velvety; striking for its enveloping aroma of floral essences and captivating perfumes of fresh fruit, caramel, and vanilla.

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Miscela DecaffeinatoSweet and spicy with an intense aroma.
Water decaffeination process for great tasting, chemical-free
Medium Roast
Decaffeinato is our decaffeinated coffee. This blend comes from a selection of finest Central American Arabica coffees beans, among which is certainly noteworthy a coffee grown organically by small farmer in northern Peru which, for its characteristics of aroma, taste and body has obtained an SCA score such as definitely define it as a Specialty Coffee.
All the coffees that make up the blend are decaffeinated with water using the process called Swiss Water Process; thanks to this method, the green coffee beans retain all their original components unaltered, giving us a coffee with a rich and persistent taste in the cup, very similar to normal premium coffees.
Decaffeinated is a real coffee but caffeine free, surprising and extraordinary.

Coffee species: selection of Arabica coffee
Characteristics in the cup: A full bodied coffee, sweet and spicy, with a persistent, intense aroma and a scent of tobacco.
Caffeine not exceeding 0,10%

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Miscela BiologicaFull and spicy taste in which notes of caramel and chocolate stand out
Medium Roast
The coffee beans used in the composition of our organic blends grow among the volcanos that run along the Northwestern coast of the island of Sumatra, on the volcanic lands of the Cajamarca region and Jean of Peru and among the lush vegetation of the Flores Island. Picked and processed by hand in small plantations, selected carefully, these beans are transformed with an eco-friendly clean air roasting process using our modern solar-powered system. Fabulous tasting coffee appropriate for any time of day.

Coffee species: Arabica coffee selection
Characteristics in the cup: spicy taste with hints of caramel, chocolate and persistent aroma with notes of fresh walnut.

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Over 75 years of love for coffee

oltre 75 anni di amore per il caffèIt all began over seventy-five years ago when my father, Antonio Castorino, after gaining experience and skills in marketing green coffee, decided to measure himself with the art of roasting. In 1946 the Torrefazione Antonio Castorino was born, a small artisan workshop with a wood-fired roaster that spread the scent of freshly cooked coffee in the heart of the city of Salerno. Immediately after, the “Caffè Castorino” brand was born, and he started to market his roasted coffee in Campania and Basilicata, in Southern Italy.
From my father I inherited the passion for perfect coffee that I immediately passed on to my wife; Francesca is committed with me in carrying out an idea of ​​roasting devoted to customer satisfaction, with the introduction of the innovations that the market requires, but keeping faith with our original desire which is to always offer a coffee “made with love” .
We want the consumer to find in the cup our care for the selection of the finest beans, the experience in roasting, done slowly and for separate coffees, the attention to work and the environment; because only a supply chain that hinges on all these aspects can guarantee a high quality and unique coffee.
Today I look with pride this same passion in the eyes of our daughter, Maria Martina, who has decided to combine her university studies with an ever-increasing commitment important in the company and in our training school.
I am sure that it will continue to be a wonderful story.

Ignazio Castorino

Innovation and sustainability

sostenibilità e innovazioneThe selection of green coffees
Behind a cup of excellent coffee there is a careful selection of green coffees and a skilful roasting, but there is also a set of values ​​that make it unique: respect for nature and workers, attention to consumer health are our hallmark.
To affirm these values ​​we rely on trusted suppliers who can guarantee us, through various certifications, the certain origin of the coffee, responsible cultivation and respect for workers’ rights.
Almost all of our coffees come from high-altitude and naturally cultivated plantations without damaging the soil, the balance and the biodiversity of each eco-system.

The use of renewable energy
The commitment to respect for the environment also continues in roasting, where practices are adopted at every stage of production that aim to protect natural resources and save energy.
In particular, thanks to our photovoltaic system, we are able to avoid the production and dispersion in the atmosphere of 375 tons of CO2 every year.

Roasting with clean air
To preserve the organoleptic characteristics, we roast each coffee separately, studying a different roasting curve for each one and use a modern clean air system that allows the beans to be cooked by wrapping them in a cloud of clean hot air. This technology ensures uniform cooking of the beans and the total absence of contact between the coffee and any combustion residues that could compromise the taste and healthiness of the finished product.

Eco-friendly products
For some time now we have added eco-sustainable packaging for all coffees to the organic coffee line; our pods and Nespresso self-protected capsules are 100% compostable and biodegradable, Ok Compost certified.

Short chain packaging
For each of our packaging we are looking for suppliers with sustainability certifications and with plants close to the roasting to limit road transport and the consequent production of CO2.

Castorino Academy

Accademia CastorinoFor some years we have been committed to spreading the culture of quality coffee also through the Caffè Castorino Training School, in partnership with Espresso Academy Firenze. Our courses are aimed at professionals and coffee lovers and are carried out in partnership with Espresso Academy, one of the most authoritative Italian companies for what concerns training in the various sectors of the world of coffee and cafeteria.
All courses are internationally recognized thanks to the collaboration of Trainers authorized by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).
Thanks to the collaboration with qualified teachers it is possible to discover a fascinating and ever-changing world; through theoretical and practical lessons we bring our students on the journey that goes from the berry to the cup of coffee.
Caffè castorino is a member of SCA, the trade association that promotes excellence in the coffee community throughout the world through research, innovation and training.